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Levy Lid Lift

Benton County Fire Protection District No. 1 provides emergency fire protection and medical services to its citizens. If approved by the voters, this proposition will authorize the District to restore its regular real property tax levy rate to $1.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation in 2019 for collection in 2020 and will establish an annual growth rate of up to 6% for following five years not to exceed the statutory levy limit of $1.50. The dollar amount levied in 2024 shall serve as the Districtís tax levy base and in 2024, absent further voter approval, the tax levy will be subject to the statutory one percent limit.

The Districtís Board of Commissioners has determined that this proposition is necessary to maintain an effective level of services, fire fighter staffing, equipment and facilities in light of rising costs. Approval of this measure will allow the District to maintain the level of fire protection and emergency medical services provided to its citizens.

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The Fire Levy Funds Daily Operations

The Fire Levy funds daily emergency operations for residents of Benton County Fire District #1. This includes emergency personnel and operating expenses associated with responding to 911 calls.

This ballot measure would renew the six?year Fire Levy for Benton County Fire District #1 at $1.50 per

$1,000 of assessed property value. This is the same amount previously approved by voters.

Emergency calls have increased 39% percent for the fire district over 10 years. It cannot respond to 911 calls without operating revenue. Please support renewing the fire districtís operating levy at the same amount so it can continue to provide fire and life?saving services. Thank you.

More information on the proposal can be found on the fire districtís web site at

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