Document Recording and Marriage Licensing
Attention: Starting July 1st, new document recording fees went into effect.View Fee Schedule - Effective 7/1/2019. Starting July 28th, new document recording fees will go into effect.View Fee Schedule - Effective 7/28/2019.

Recording Services

Washington State law requires that all documents submitted for recording must conform to the standards set forth in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 36.18 and RCW 65.04). This includes standards for indexing, margins, page size, font size, color, legibility, seals and attachments as more specifically outlined below. A cover sheet is required for documents where the first page does not contain the necessary index fields or the three inch top margin. A cover sheet will not relieve you of the responsibility of meeting formatting requirements. Documents that do not meet these standards will be returned. Once reformatted, they can be resubmitted for recording.

Documents that were signed prior to January 1, 1997, may be recorded without re-formatting. However, a cover sheet will be required. (RCW 65.04.047(2))

If the only required standard not met is the minimum margin specification, the document can be recorded by including a signed emergency nonstandard cover sheet with an additional fee of $50. (RCW 36.18.010; RCW 65.04.047). The emergency nonstandard cover sheet can be found on our website at: Cover Sheet with Emergency Clause