Elections & Voting Data

Public information available online or by request

Registration Data Restrictions

Information contained in voter registration records or files regarding a voter or a group of voters is available for public inspection and copying, except as provided in RCW 40.24.060: The voter's name, address, political jurisdiction, gender, date of birth, voting record, date of registration, and registration number. No other information from voter registration records or files is available for public inspection or copying. RCW 29A.08.710

Request Data

What is a Voter Data Request?

In the past, you've requested voter data from Benton County Elections. Those requests included:

  • Registered voters in a specific district or precinct.
  • Voters who voted in a specific election(s) or frequency of voting.
  • Walking lists (voters in address/precinct order).
  • Match backs (voters who have returned their ballots).
  • Map Requests (Through our GIS department)

Effective immediately, Benton County will no longer process data requests, because this is now the role of the Office of the Secretary of State.

In 2019, Washington State launched a new statewide voter registration and election management system called VoteWA. Benton County no longer manage registration files. Washington now has one centralized system, managed by the Office of the Secretary of State.

Good news! Requesting data from OSOS is made through an easy online portal and the data is FREE! And yes, your request will include match backs.

Bummer! The data can be sorted by Congressional or Legislative Districts, but you'll need to take an extra step to isolate cities, towns, school districts, etc. OSOS has provided you with an easy-to-use, sortable Excel data file with all districts and their associated precincts.

What is a Map Request?

The Auditor's Office has a collection of Election Maps provided by the Benton County GIS Department. Visit the GIS website for more information or to order maps.

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What is a Results Request?

Election results are available in PDF. Election Results from 2007 to current are also available in Excel or Text format. Order this list by clicking the order form button below or calling (509) 736-3085 or 786-5618

Order Form
How do I match precinct names and numbers?

This list has the current precinct names with the corresponding precinct number: Precinct Names vs Numbers

Voter Turnout and Statistics

Consolidated Data

Voter Registration Data & Tables

Election Data & Tables

Data Request Fees

Type Cost
Electronic File No Fee
Paper/Copy $.15 per page
Compact Disc $6.00
Labels $0.02 per label
Map Request from Benton County GIS