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Online Candidate Filing has closed. In-person filing will close at 5PM Friday, May 17. View the offices up for election

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Candidate Filing

Where to File

The Secretary of State accepts candidate filings for federal and statewide executive offices, and for any legislative, court of appeals, and superior court office serving more than one county.

The Benton County Auditor's Office accepts filings for all countywide and local offices.

Filing for Office

Candidate Handbook Lot Drawing Results NEW
  • First candidate that filed = Appears 1
  • Second candidate that filed = Appears 4
  • Third candidate that filed = Appears 5
  • Fourth candidate that filed = Appears 3
  • Fifth candidate that filed = Appears 2

Candidate Filing Forms

Candidate Filing Fee

Filing Fee is 1% of salary for yearly salaries over $1,000. It is $10.00 for an annual salary of $1,000 or less. If paid for attending meeting (per diem), with no fixed annual salary, then no filing fee is required.

Candidate Filing Requirements

  • Registered to Vote
  • Live in District
  • Live in Commissioner District, if applicable

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Candidate Filing Dates

5/13 First day to file a declaration of candidacy.
5/17 Last day to file a declaration of candidacy.
5/20 Final day to withdraw from the ballot.
5/24 Deadline for submission of Voters' Pamphlet statements and photographs.

Ballot Measure Filing Dates

12/14/18 Last day to file a resolution for 2019 February Special Election .
2/22 Last day to file a resolution for the April Special Election.
5/10 Last day to file a resolution for August Primary.
8/6 Last day to file a resolution for the November General Election.